Charged EVs | Circontrol’s new Compact 80 dual EV charging station sports several new features


EV charger manufacturer Circontrol has added a new model to its Raption Series of DC fast chargers.

The new Raption Compact 80 joins the recently launched Raption Compact 240 and Raption Compact 160 in Circontrol’s product lineup. The Compact 80 can charge an EV at up to 80 kW, or charge two EVs simultaneously at 40 kW. It can charge at up to 80 kW and 266 A in Boost mode when charging a single vehicle, regardless of the EV’s voltage.

The Raption Compact 80 features a modular all-in-one architecture—its power modules are integrated inside the charger.

Circontrol explains that an 80 kW charger is suitable for several market segments, including service stations, shopping centers, fleets and auto dealerships.

Circontrol has made several upgrades to the entire Raption range, including a durable 15-inch touchscreen featuring WLED technology that makes it easy to read in daylight (1,800 nits brightness). The screen has also been made tougher to prevent vandalism (IK10 mechanical resistance).

The new Raption Compact 80 features assisted cable management as an optional accessory, and supports multiple contactless payment systems. All the new Raption chargers meet the specific requirements of various European countries. The screen and the plug holders have been placed in a lower position to ensure accessibility for disabled people. An optional DC meter is available in markets where it is required.

All of the Raption chargers can be easily integrated with other Circontrol charging management solutions, including Dynamic Load Management (DLM), which can automatically balance available power among different charging stations; and the COSMOS management platform.

Source: Circontrol


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