Charged EVs | FreeWire’s new Boost Power Pro supports blackout charging and bidirectional power flow


FreeWire Technologies, a provider of battery-integrated EV charging stations and energy management solutions, has announced Boost Power Pro, the flagship offering within FreeWire’s new Pro Series product line.

FreeWire’s chargers feature built-in energy storage, which enables site hosts to rapidly deploy public fast charging, avoiding expensive upgrades to local electrical service. Ports can be customized with either CCS or NACS (Tesla) connectors.

FreeWire Pro Series features include:

  • Blackout charging: This feature provides uninterrupted EV charging capabilities during power outages by using the energy stored in the charger’s integrated battery.
  • Site backup power: In the event of a grid failure, the system automatically taps into the energy stored in the integrated battery to provide emergency backup power to the site.
  • Power sharing: This feature allows for the interconnection of multiple chargers, merging their energy storage capabilities into a large-scale energy storage system.
  • Flexible input power: The Pro Series is designed to be compatible with any pre-existing electrical setup—input power can scale to 53 kW, significantly less than the input power required by competing DC fast chargers.
  • V2G capability: Site hosts who choose to participate can send energy back to the utility grid during peak demand or critical events under the management of FreeWire.

“Designed with quality and serviceability in mind, the Boost Charger Pro and Boost Power Pro are more than just chargers—they’re comprehensive energy solutions ensuring preparedness and flexibility in a wide range of scenarios,” said Martin Lynch, COO at FreeWire.

The Boost Power Pro and Boost Charger Pro can be reserved today. Units will begin shipping in North America in Q2 2024.

Source: FreeWire Technologies


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