Charged EVs | Sumida introduces two new series of AEC-Q200-qualified power inductors


Electronic component provider Sumida is introducing two new series of AEC-Q200-qualified power inductors at the 2024 APEC Power Electronics Conference in Long Beach.

The DPQ3535/T150 and DPQ5050/T150 inductors are magnetically shielded and have a pin-type base for surface mounting on printed circuit boards. High-surface-area flat-wire windings minimize internal resistance at high frequencies and allow space savings and higher current ratings.   

The DPQ3535/T150 series offers a range of inductance values, from 3.3 µH to 22 µH. Maximum saturation current ranges from 28 to 152 amps at 150° C. The larger DPQ5050/T150 is of similar design, with an inductance value of 10 µH and a saturation current of 112 amps at 20° C. The absolute maximum voltage across the inductor is 500 VDC for each. Operating temperature is -40° C to +150° C (including the device’s self-temperature rise).

The flat-wire inductor is encased in ferrite and mounted on an insulating base. Circuit connectivity is by two robust flat, tinned copper pins. Two additional pins provide additional mounting stability. The DPQ3535/T150 measures (HWD) 33×38.7×38.2 mm. The DPQ5050/T150 measures 44×53.5×53.3 mm.

Applications include use as a buck/boost inductor for onboard chargers in electrified vehicles, DC-DC converters, point-of-load converters, LED drivers, class D audio amplifiers, and other power applications.

The new are RoHS-compliant and halogen-free. They are available now for sampling, and full application engineering support is available.

Source: Sumida


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