EV Charging: Flexible Financing Unveiled


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ChargePoint, EnTech Solutions, and Wells Fargo have announced a collaboration to provide businesses with flexible financing options for building electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. This initiative aims to address the financial challenges companies face in developing EV charging stations, offering a simplified and affordable way to support the transition to electric mobility.

Key Highlights:

  • Partnership for Progress: The alliance between ChargePoint, a leader in EV charging solutions; EnTech Solutions, a distributed energy solutions provider; and Wells Fargo, a major financial services company, marks a significant step towards expanding the U.S. EV charging infrastructure.
  • Innovative Financing Solutions: Wells Fargo is introducing a financing program tailored for the eSkid™ charging solution, featuring ChargePoint’s hardware and software. This program is designed to make the adoption of EV charging stations more accessible for businesses through affordable financial packages and a straightforward application process.
  • Rapid Deployment and Flexibility: The eSkid™ charging solution offers a quickly deployable, flexible option for businesses, allowing them to set up charging stations within days. Its design caters to various business needs, including the ability to reconfigure and relocate the stations as required.

Why This Matters:

The collaboration addresses a crucial barrier to the adoption of electric vehicles—the need for extensive and accessible charging infrastructure. By making it easier and more affordable for businesses to install EV charging stations, this initiative not only supports the growth of electric mobility but also contributes to environmental sustainability efforts. The partnership highlights the importance of cross-sector cooperation in achieving significant advancements in clean energy and transportation.

The EnTech Solutions’ eSkid™ Charging Solution:

  • Flexibility and Configurability: Designed with configurable plates and pre-wired for ChargePoint Express 250 charging stations, the eSkid™ offers adaptable solutions for various business operations.
  • Ease of Deployment: The eSkid’s design for quick onsite setup and minimal civil work requirements accelerates the commissioning process, making it an efficient choice for businesses.
  • Customization Options: Businesses can tailor the appearance of their eSkid charging stations to align with their brand or fleet needs.

Statements from the Collaborators:

Wade Leipold of EnTech Solutions expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing its potential to lower carbon emissions by facilitating the adoption of EVs. John Crum of Wells Fargo highlighted the importance of overcoming infrastructure challenges to promote electric vehicle usage in commercial fleets. Rich Mohr of ChargePoint stressed the collaboration’s role in eliminating barriers to electric mobility, particularly the significant investments typically required for infrastructure development.

For more information on the eSkid charging station solutions, contact Steven Waters at [email protected].

About the Companies:

Wells Fargo, ChargePoint, and EnTech Solutions each bring unique strengths to this collaboration, from financial expertise and innovative charging technology to distributed energy solutions. This partnership underscores their shared commitment to fostering a sustainable and inclusive future through clean energy initiatives.

This initiative not only facilitates the broader adoption of electric vehicles by reducing upfront costs and deployment time for businesses but also plays a vital role in the transition towards a more sustainable and electric-powered transportation system.

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