EV charging – PV installers expect the installation of charging stations to become increasingly important


This year, EUPD Research once again surveyed charging infrastructure installers on current market developments, installed charging station brands, technological developments and general market trends. A particular focus of this year’s survey was on sector coupling, especially the integration of photovoltaics and charging stations.

The majority of installers who currently install wallboxes also offer PV systems. The reason for this is the importance of integrating these two key components of the energy transition. To ensure maximum cost benefits for the end user, the charging station must be perfectly matched to the solar system. The importance of this integration is also reflected in the companies’ turnover.

EuPD Research

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Charging stations already generate 10 percent of the turnover of the solar installers surveyed in Germany. Moreover, this head group is the only one that expects a significant increase in the share of turnover by 2024: On average, it is expected to be 15 percent by 2024.

A closer look at the installations shows why PV installers in particular are currently installing many charging stations. In an average of 77% of wallbox installations, the installers surveyed had to take a PV system into account, i.e. either a PV system was also installed or a system was already installed into which the wallbox had to be integrated. Even if it is not absolutely necessary to install a PV system yourself in order to integrate a charging station into the overall system, there are advantages if the complete installation comes from a single source. The landscape of charging station manufacturers is also changing. More and more suppliers from the photovoltaic sector, in particular suppliers of inverters and energy storage systems, are offering their own charging stations that can be integrated into their overall system.

EuPD Research

About the EV Charging Stations Monitor

Now in its third edition, the EV Charging Stations Monitor from EUPD Research once again creates transparency in the market for electric vehicle charging stations and provides unique and up-to-date knowledge about providers, dealers and installation companies. In addition to a comprehensive market overview of providers, products and dealers, this year’s focus is on sector coupling.

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Topics such as solar charging, bidirectional charging and integration of the charging station into an energy management system will be covered. The study also qualifies and quantifies the procurement channels. The installer survey is the core element of the study and shows the important experiences and evaluations of charging station installations from the installers’ perspective. This includes the presentation of the installer portfolio, brand management, procurement management and current market developments based on sector coupling. (mfo)


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