Even Californians aren’t hot on the EV craze anymore


California’s electric vehicle revolution is sputtering, even as the state shells out more money for its EV-only fantasy.

Electric vehicle sales in California dropped significantly in the last half of 2023, the first such drop in more than a decade. The high prices for EVs, paired with the already high cost of living in California and the fact that EVs are unreliable for driving longer distances, have sales going down even as California intends to force everyone into electric vehicles by 2035. The state’s plan requires 35% of all new vehicle sales to be EVs by 2026. That number sits at 20.1%, meaning the plan is behind schedule.

California and plans being behind schedule — you couldn’t name a better duo if you tried.

In the meantime, California just approved another $1.9 million, on top of a previous $1.8 million, to spend on EV charging stations and other zero-emission vehicle infrastructure throughout the state. Given California’s record for wasting money on big spending projects, such as high-speed rail, or simply not using the money at all, as it has with its water storage bonds, you can imagine that this will be another irresponsibly managed project, especially as demand for electric vehicles is dropping.


That is true in California and across the country. Car manufacturers and rental car companies have cut spending on electric vehicles as demand drops. Electric vehicles remain more inconvenient for long-distance trips and subpar in extreme weather. They also cost too much compared to cars that do not have efficiency or convenience problems.

That hasn’t stopped California from pushing ahead on forcing all of its residents into EVs, though, and the falling demand won’t stop that either. California Democrats have convinced themselves that they can somehow save the planet even as China’s emissions soar past whatever declines California could bring about and even as the state’s own grid and EV charging stations require fossil fuels to stay up and running. California is spending itself and its residents into a hole for nothing, and even most Californians aren’t feeling the good electric vibes.


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