Ineos off-road EV, liquid-hydrogen tech, gas stations vs. EV chargers: Today’s Car News


Some lawmakers want to ban public EV charging stations wherever gas stations aren’t permitted. Ineos revealed a fully electric off-roader while talking up its range-extended versions instead. And liquid hydrogen could have greater potential for fuel-cell long-haul semis, suggests This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

Lawmakers in Kentucky have made a confounding proposal: to “protect” gas station discrimination by not allowing zoning for EV charging anywhere gas stations aren’t. Is this proposal, which could keep EVs from hotels, restaurants, and venues, fueled by increasingly partisan rhetoric about electric cars, or is there some logical sense to this? 

Does liquid hydrogen have the potential to make fuel-cell long-haul trucks more viable versus EVs? With tech from Linde Engineering, a Daimler Truck project using supercooled liquid hydrogen promises smaller station footprints, fast dispensing, and the potential to fit a lot of energy into a smaller space—something closer to gas or diesel by volume but of course far lighter than battery packs. But there appear to be cost and energy drawbacks for hydrogen storage that have yet to be overcome. 

And the off-road maker Ineos on Friday announced its first fully electric vehicle, the Fusilier electric SUV. However, as it revealed the model, built on a separate skateboard platform, the company noted that EVs are only suitable for “shorter trips and urban deliveries”—underscoring that its range-extended version yet to be detailed will be a better choice for other uses.


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