Kia EV9 brings artificial sunlight to the darkest areas of Norway


A Kia EV9 brought artificial sunlight to one of the darkest areas in Norway. The all-electrified Kia’s vehicle-to-load (V2L) feature powered a 5-meter LED disc that mimicked sunlight. 

“By blending cutting-edge technology with artistic expression, we’ve created an art installation that captures not only the essence of Kia’s brand but also responds to real-life challenges. With this project we continue to push the limits of creativity and innovation with Kia, always with the aim of inspiring others,” said Gabriel Mattar, COO, Innocean.

Design studio VOID and creative agency Innocean designed a light installation that brought artificial sunlight to Rampton, a campground on a fjord 35 kilometers southwest of Oslo. The sun barely comes out during the winter in Norway. The 5-meter LED disc combined technological innovation and creative solutions to bring sunshine to one of Norway’s dimmest areas in the winter. 

“The EV9 is exciting when moving, but also when stationary with innovative features such as bidirectional charging,” said David Hilbert, Head of Marketing, Kia Europe. “This technology can extend the role electric vehicles play in our lives, whether it’s for camping, providing a power source for a mobile office, or even being part of the broader electricity grid with the Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology.” 

For the little experiment, a Kia EV9 was able to drive from Oslo to Brampton, power the light installation for 24 hours, then return to Oslo on a single charge. The EV9 was able to power the light installation and take trips through the Kia Smart Charge feature, which enables bidirectional charging. The EV9 is the first electrified Kia to come standard with bidirectional charging capabilities. 

With the V2L feature, a Kia EV9 can power 110V/220V appliances with its battery. The EV9’s battery can hold 99.8 kWh of energy. Bidirectional charging enables V2L, vehicle-to-home (V2H), vehicle-to-grid (V2G), and vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V). 

Wallbox—an EV charging and energy management solutions provider—and Kia America are working to bring bidirectional charging to EV9 customers in the United States. Meanwhile, Kia is commissioning a V2G pilot program in the Netherlands with supplier Jedlix. 

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Kia EV9 brings artificial sunlight to the darkest areas of Norway


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