L&C Unveils Groundbreaking Title Insurance Policy


Legal & Contingency Ltd. (L&C), a pioneer in underwriting legal indemnities and title risks, has embarked on a transformative journey to bolster the UK’s electric vehicle (EV) charging network. By introducing the ‘Electric Vehicles Charging Site Title Risks Policy,’ L&C aims to accelerate the deployment of public EV charging stations across England and Wales, aligning with the nation’s ambitious target of establishing 300,000 points by 2030. This innovative insurance product, designed to mitigate title-related risks for investors and operators, marks a significant leap forward in supporting the UK’s net zero emissions goal.

Addressing Title Risks in EV Charging Infrastructure

In the realm of EV charging infrastructure development, title risks pose a considerable challenge, often hindering the rapid expansion necessary to meet growing demand. L&C’s new policy directly targets these obstacles by offering comprehensive coverage for specific title risks identified during property due diligence. Furthermore, it provides the option for extended protection against all defects and encumbrances on a site-specific basis. This strategic approach aims to instill confidence among stakeholders, ensuring a smoother and more efficient rollout of EV charging facilities.

Stuart Sigston: Leading Innovation in Renewable Energy Sector Insurance

Stuart Sigston, the director of Products & Innovation at L&C, emphasized the policy’s role in pioneering title insurance within the renewable energy sector. His insights underscore the company’s dedication to facilitating the UK’s transition towards sustainable energy solutions. By addressing the unique challenges faced by the EV charging industry, L&C’s policy not only supports infrastructure development but also contributes to the broader objective of achieving net zero emissions in the UK.

Legal & Contingency: A Legacy of Supporting UK Property

Since its establishment in 1992, Legal & Contingency has played a crucial role in safeguarding UK property investments, covering assets valued at over £1 trillion. The introduction of the ‘Electric Vehicles Charging Site Title Risks Policy’ extends this legacy into the burgeoning field of EV charging infrastructure. As the UK strides towards a greener future, L&C’s innovative insurance solutions pave the way for a more resilient and sustainable energy landscape.

The launch of this groundbreaking policy by Legal & Contingency Ltd. signifies a pivotal moment in the advancement of the UK’s EV charging infrastructure. By addressing key challenges and providing much-needed assurance to investors and operators, L&C is setting a new standard in the renewable energy sector. As the nation continues its journey towards net zero emissions, the support of forward-thinking companies like L&C will be instrumental in ensuring the successful realization of this ambitious vision.


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