Log9 and Trinity Cleantech Forge Path for Interoperable EV Charging Network


Imagine navigating the diverse landscapes of India, from the bustling streets of Mumbai to the serene backwaters of Kerala, without the worry of running out of charge in your electric vehicle (EV). This vision is inching closer to reality as Log9 and Trinity Cleantech announce a groundbreaking partnership aimed at revolutionizing India’s EV charging infrastructure. By the end of the next financial year, the collaboration seeks to deploy 2,000 public charging stations across the nation, marking a significant milestone in the quest for cleaner, more sustainable transportation options.

Charging Ahead with Innovation

The alliance between Log9, a pioneer in EV charging technology, and Trinity Cleantech, a solutions provider with expertise in manufacturing, software, and infrastructure management, is more than just a business venture. It’s a commitment to accelerate India’s transition to electric mobility. Trinity’s Thunder+ brand is set to leverage its capabilities to ensure the reliable service of these chargers, focusing on the future of Type 6 fast chargers. This partnership not only aims to expand the fast charging infrastructure for last-mile commercial applications but also to significantly reduce vehicular pollution and improve environmental conditions.

At the core of this collaboration is the integration of Trinity’s Thunder Platform with Log9’s Instacharge platform, enhancing user experience and guaranteeing interoperability according to the BCA LEV DC standard (IS 17017-25 & IS 17017-2-6). This initiative ensures accessibility to fast charging for vehicles equipped with Type-6 connectors, a critical step in addressing range anxiety and boosting consumer confidence in EV technology.

A Sustainable Future on the Horizon

The partnership between Log9 and Trinity Cleantech is not just about installing charging stations; it’s about creating an ecosystem that supports the rapid adoption of electric vehicles. By ensuring the interoperability of these stations, the initiative promises a seamless charging experience for EV owners, thereby encouraging more people to make the switch from conventional to electric vehicles. This move is expected to have a profound impact on India’s automotive landscape, contributing significantly to the nation’s goals for reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable development.

Furthermore, this initiative represents a significant leap towards solving one of the most pressing challenges in the EV industry: the scarcity of charging infrastructure. By establishing a widespread network of accessible, reliable, and fast charging stations, Log9 and Trinity Cleantech are not only facilitating the current generation of EV users but also paving the way for future innovations in electric mobility.

Revving Up Challenges and Opportunities

While the partnership heralds a new era of electric mobility in India, it also faces its set of challenges. Building a comprehensive charging infrastructure in a country as vast and diverse as India is no small feat. The initiative requires meticulous planning, significant investment, and the cooperation of multiple stakeholders, including government bodies, local communities, and other private entities. Additionally, ensuring the reliability and efficiency of these charging stations against India’s varied climate conditions will be crucial for the success of this ambitious project.

However, the potential benefits far outweigh the challenges. This collaborative effort not only boosts the EV ecosystem in India but also opens up numerous opportunities for innovation, employment, and economic growth. As the country moves towards cleaner and more sustainable transportation options, this partnership between Log9 and Trinity Cleantech serves as a beacon of progress, inspiring other players in the industry to contribute to India’s green mobility revolution.


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