MOYA offers 1,400 charging points for fleet card users


The retailer has partnered with Elocity to improve on charging availability and has plans to operate its own network of 4,000 charging points by 2030.

Anwim, owner of the MOYA fuel retail brand, has made over 1,400 electric vehicle (EV) charging points available for fleet card users thanks to its partnership with Elocity.

The company’s plans for e-mobility growth involves expanding its charging infrastructure to include 10,000 charging points, with 4,000 of its own. MOYA energia charging points can currently be accessed by users of the brand’s company program, and eventually the network will also be available to users of the Super MOYA app.

Anwim will invest almost PLN 1 billion (almost over $250 million) in e-mobility, which include the construction of an EV charging network alongside the production and distribution of renewable electricity.

“The MOYA company card is a multi-energy fleet card, which allows both cashless purchase of traditional fuels and EV charging, and will eventually offer additional energy sources – such as will be in demand among our customers,” said Andrzej Kisała, Fleet Sales Development Director at Anwim S.A.

All charging points will eventually be available within the MOYA company and Super MOYA apps. Currently, 1,400 points can be used by users of the MOYA firma mobile app.

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