On EV high, Bengaluru to get even more charged up


By Melvin Mathew

As of February 15, 2024, Karnataka has emerged as the leading state in the country for providing state-of-the-art EV charging infrastructure, boasting 5,059 charging stations.

Maharashtra with 3,079 stations and Delhi with 1,886 are second and third.

According to Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited (BESCOM) estimates, it would cost Rs 35-40 lakh to set up EV charging station across Bengaluru.

BESCOM is now in talks with Reliance BP Mobility Limited for a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) for the setup of 225 public charging stations across Bengaluru. BESCOM has awarded the tender to the company.

As per the tender, 225 public charging stations will be established, with 150 in Bengaluru city and 75 in Bengaluru rural.

This is part of BESCOM’s larger plans to bring more public charging infrastructure for EV users.

1,190 stations
As per the plan, BESCOM has proposed 1,190 EV charging stations across the state under the PPP model with 1,190 AC chargers and as many DC chargers.

“We had awarded the tender for setting up the charging infrastructure to Reliance BP Mobility Limited in October. They have agreed to set up 150 charging stations in Bengaluru city and 75 in Bengaluru rural. Currently, a survey is ongoing to identify the land for setting up the infrastructure. Once the survey is completed, they will sign a 10-year lease contract with the land owing agency. Reliance will call the bid for Rs 2.19 per unit,” said a senior BESCOM official.

Most of these charging stations would come in government properties. As per central government guidelines, nodal agencies were instructed to pay at least Re 1 per unit and BESCOM awarded the tender to bids higher than the rate of Rs 1 per unit.

Each charging station will have 10 KW AC 001 chargers, 7.5 KW type 2 chargers and 60 KW CCS2 chargers. The CCS2 DC chargers can enable the charging of two vehicles at the same time.

The 10 KW AC 001 charger or 7.5 KW type 2 charger may be used depending on the site requirements.

While BESCOM is charging Rs 7.38 per unit from the user, Reliance charges the user Rs 15.99 per unit. “They are charging a rate of Rs 15.99 per unit in other places. The actual rate might vary. Compared to BESCOM, they need to be profitable and hence would charge a higher tariff. They also need to make a lot of investments for setting up these stations,” he added.


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