Price of public EV charging soars as filling up petrol cars becomes cheaper


A year ago, charging exclusively at a public charge point would have cost around £1,600 a year, compared to £1,680 for petrol cars.

Zapmap said that the average cost of charging at public stations was rising because motorists were opting for pricier “ultra-rapid” chargers.

Ultra-rapid chargers accounted for 45pc of all charging in December 2023, compared to 29pc a year earlier.

While many homeowners with driveways are able to take advantage of domestic charge points and cheaper tariffs, the rising cost of charging electric vehicles away from home is likely to put off millions of motorists who would not be able to install a home charger.

Zapmap said electric vehicle drivers are generally less likely to shop around than petrol drivers, which may also contribute to higher prices.

It came as carmaking giants Renault and Stellantis both said they would have to cut costs in response to lower profit margins from making electric vehicles.

“Cost reduction will remain and remains our obsession,” Renault chief executive Luca de Meo told investors, saying the company planned to reduce the cost of making electric cars by 40pc by 2027.


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