Sandy Springs Seeks $200K Georgia Power Grant for EV Charging at New Police HQ


Sandy Springs is taking a significant step towards sustainability and innovation by applying for a grant from Georgia Power, aimed at funding electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure at its upcoming police headquarters and municipal courthouse. Building operations director Dave Wells highlighted the initiative’s alignment with sustainability goals during a Public Facilities Authority meeting. This move underscores the city’s dedication to adopting eco-friendly solutions that serve both the community and the environment effectively.

Strategic Move Towards Sustainability

The city’s application for the Georgia Power Make Ready Program, which could provide up to $200,000, reflects a strategic approach to embracing green technology. By focusing on the installation of EV charging infrastructure, including necessary wiring, conduit, and panel upgrades, Sandy Springs positions itself as a leader in environmental stewardship. The program not only aids in reducing carbon emissions but also encourages the adoption of electric vehicles by improving access to charging facilities for public safety vehicles and the general public.

Enhancing Public Facilities with EV Infrastructure

According to Dave Wells, the funding from Georgia Power would significantly offset the costs associated with the EV infrastructure installation at the new Morgan Falls Road complex. This development is pivotal, as it ensures that the city’s new police headquarters and municipal courthouse are equipped with modern, sustainable technologies from the start. The initiative also represents a tangible commitment to the city’s sustainability goals, proving that Sandy Springs is dedicated to implementing innovative solutions for a greener future.

Implications for Sandy Springs and Beyond

The potential grant from Georgia Power could serve as a model for other cities looking to integrate sustainable practices into their operations. Sandy Springs’ proactive measures in applying for the Make Ready Program demonstrate how municipal governments can leverage partnerships with utility companies to enhance public infrastructure with eco-friendly technologies. It sets a precedent for how cities can contribute to the broader goal of environmental sustainability while meeting the needs of their communities.

This endeavor by Sandy Springs is not just about the immediate benefits of reduced emissions or the convenience of EV charging stations. It’s about setting a course for the future, where sustainability becomes a fundamental aspect of city planning and development. As Sandy Springs awaits the decision from Georgia Power, the city stands at the precipice of becoming a beacon of green innovation, inspiring other municipalities to follow in its footsteps towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.


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