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GENEVA – SEALSQ Corp (NASDAQ:LAES), a semiconductor and cybersecurity technology firm, announced its partnership with VESTEL, a global manufacturer of electric appliances, to provide security for their Electric Vehicle (EV) Plug & Charge Stations. This collaboration aligns with the international standard ISO 15118, which aims to simplify and secure the EV charging process.

The standard, applicable to both wired and wireless charging, necessitates that EVs and charging stations establish a secure communication link to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of exchanged data. SEALSQ’s solution integrates its VAULTIC secure element, provisioned with a trusted identity managed through the INeS Managed PKI as-a-Service portal, ensuring compliance with ISO 15118.

Franck Buonanno, VP of Sales at SEALSQ, emphasized the company’s capacity to blend PKI, certified semiconductors, and provisioning services into a unified security offering. This approach supports original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) like VESTEL in achieving advanced security and regulatory compliance while reducing deployment complexity and accelerating time-to-market.

Research by Berg Insight estimates the installed base of charging points will reach 22.8 million by 2025, with the majority in Europe and North America being private charging points. Connected charging points in these regions are expected to hit 7.9 million by 2025. IHS forecasts a global increase in EV charging station deployment at a 31% compound annual growth rate, surpassing 66 million units by 2030.

Hakan Kutlu, General Manager of Vestel Mobility, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting the use of SEALSQ’s cryptographic integrated circuits (ICs) for digital signing to secure metrological measurement data within their charging station products.

The announcement is based on a press release statement from SEALSQ Corp.

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