Tesla Cybertruck climbs Hell’s Revenge in new off-road demo


Tesla’s efforts to promote the Cybertruck as a legitimate off-road vehicle continue with a new video showcasing the all-electric pickup truck taking on Hell’s Gate at Hell’s Revenge in Moab, Utah. As can be seen in the video, the Cybertruck was able to climb out of Hell’s Gate without breaking a sweat. 

Similar to Tesla’s other promotional videos, the Cybertruck’s Hell’s Gate climb at Hell’s Revenge was presented without much fanfare. It simply depicted the all-electric pickup truck, which appeared to be stock, taking on the steep, rocky trail proficiently. When it reached the top of Hell’s Gate, the Cybertruck was met by Tesla’s two Baja Cybertruck prototypes, which have already completed the climb. 

Tesla Cybertruck Lead Engineer Wes Morill noted in a post on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, that the Cybertruck featured in the promotional video was a tri-motor Cyberbeast. The two Baja Cybertrucks that were already at the top of the climb, on the other hand, were dual-motor versions of the all-electric pickup truck. As noted by the Tesla engineer, the Cyberbeast makes off-roading pretty easy. 

“We’ve been sharpening the pencil for Off-Road controls and that will come to the fleet in an OTA update. The Trimotor (video hero) is like off-roading in easy mode. The two dual-motor Baja trucks at the end also made it up. And it’s doable without lockers, though takes more skill,” the Cybertruck Lead Engineer noted. 

The Tesla engineer’s comments are quite interesting, considering the difficulty of Hell’s Gate. While numerous stock cars, such as the Rivian R1T, have successfully gone up Hell’s Gate in the past, just as many dedicated off-roaders have found themselves in rollover incidents in the area. For this alone, the Cybertruck deserves some commendation for successfully making it up the steep trail. 

Morill also posted a follow-up video of the Cybertruck at Hell’s Revenge. This time around, the all-electric pickup truck could be seen going through Hell’s Revenge’s infamous Hot Tub. Despite its rather tame name, the Hot Tub is quite a tricky area that’s gotten numerous vehicles stuck over the past years. As can be seen in the Cybertruck Lead Engineer’s follow-up video, however, it appears that the all-electric pickup truck can tackle the hot tub without much difficulty. 

Watch the Tesla Cybertruck’s Hell’s Gate climb in the video below.

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Tesla Cybertruck climbs Hell’s Revenge in new off-road demo


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