Tesla Giga Berlin comes out swinging after production pause


For the past couple of weeks, Tesla Giga Berlin’s Model Y production was paused. But it was not due to Tesla’s own strategies. Instead, the production pause was triggered by supply chain issues that arose due to tensions in the Red Sea. From January 29 to February 11, Giga Berlin stayed silent, but as could be seen in a flyover of the complex on February 12, the facility came back swinging when Model Y production resumed. 

Aerial footage captured by The Wolfpack Berlin, a group that has been chronicling the progress and development of Giga Berlin, reveals that the facility was very busy on February 12. The employee parking lot had a good number of vehicles in it, and numerous employees could be seen walking around the complex. Employee shuttles could also be seen transporting workers to the facility. 

And in the facility’s holding lot, one could see that Model Y production has resumed at Giga Berlin. Car carrier trucks could also be seen in the holding lot, waiting to be loaded with the all-electric crossover. Overall, Giga Berlin was a hub of activity during the flyover, which was quite encouraging as it suggested that the facility would likely be able to return to its full output without much difficulty — and likely in a short period of time. 

Giga Berlin plays a pivotal role in the company’s operations. It is Tesla’s primary electric vehicle factory in Europe today, and it also produces the company’s best-selling vehicle, the Model Y. As per comments from Tesla employees on social media, Giga Berlin was able to reach a new milestone before its vehicle production was temporarily shut down in late January. As per Tesla employees, Giga Berlin had actually reached a production rate of 6,000 Model Y per week before its vehicle production was paused.

This was highlighted in a LinkedIn post from Tesla Director of Quality Bob Foulkes, who posted a supportive message to a fellow Giga Berlin worker who purchased a Model Y. “The hood of your new beautiful Quicksilver Model Y scattered with trophies of our achievements – 1K all the way to 6K and beyond. I believe this feeling comes from the blood, sweat, and tears of getting to where we are. We all chose the opposite of easy. We chose to fight, to pioneer, to build to go our own way and create,” Foulkes wrote. 

Watch the recent aerial footage of Giga Berlin in the video below. 

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Tesla Giga Berlin comes out swinging after production pause


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