Uber Joins Forces with Revel for EV Charging Expansion in NYC, Offering Up to 25% Discounts for Drivers


In a groundbreaking move to combat urban charging deserts and accelerate the transition to electric vehicles (EVs), Uber has announced a strategic partnership with New York-based Revel Transit Inc. This collaboration aims to significantly expand Revel’s EV charging infrastructure across New York City, providing Uber drivers with exclusive charging discounts and paving the way for a zero-emission future in urban mobility.

Strategic Partnership for Urban EV Expansion

At the heart of this partnership is a dual commitment: Uber’s financial investment in Revel’s charging network expansion and Revel’s provision of vital charging infrastructure data to Uber. Revel, known for its EV-focused rideshare service and its network of 54 level 3 fast charging stations in Brooklyn and Queens, plans to upscale its operations to 500 stations in NYC and the Bay Area by 2025. This expansion includes 48 public fast chargers at LaGuardia Airport, marking a significant step forward in making EV charging more accessible to urban drivers.

Driving EV Adoption Among Uber Drivers

Uber drivers stand to benefit significantly from this partnership, with discounts of up to 25% at Revel’s charging stations. The discount rate will vary based on the drivers’ status in the Uber Pro rewards program, incentivizing higher engagement and performance within Uber’s platform. This initiative is part of Uber’s broader commitment to sustainability, including a pledge to achieve a zero-emission platform by 2040 and to operate with 100% electric vehicles in North America and Europe by 2030. By tackling the challenge of urban charging deserts, Uber and Revel are addressing a critical barrier to EV adoption among ride-hail drivers, encouraging a shift towards more sustainable transportation options.

Data-Driven Infrastructure Development

Uber’s contribution to this partnership extends beyond financial investment. By providing Revel with aggregated and anonymized data, Uber is enabling a data-driven approach to identifying strategic locations for future charging stations. This collaboration highlights the potential of leveraging big data to optimize the deployment of EV charging infrastructure, ensuring that new charging stations are positioned to meet the actual needs of urban drivers and reduce inefficiencies in the charging experience.

As cities worldwide strive towards cleaner, more sustainable transportation solutions, partnerships like that of Uber and Revel demonstrate the power of collaboration in driving significant environmental and operational advancements. This initiative not only benefits Uber drivers and Revel’s expansion efforts but also sets a precedent for how companies can work together to accelerate the transition to electric mobility, paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future in urban transportation.


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