Unifying North American EV Charging


Stellantis Embraces SAE J3400 Connector, Unifying North American EV Charging

A Pivotal Shift in Stellantis’ Charging Strategy

February 13, 2024 – In a landmark move, Stellantis, the multinational automotive manufacturer, has announced its decision to adopt the SAE J3400 connector as the standard for charging its battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) in North America. This strategic shift positions Stellantis as the last major automaker to align with the growing consensus around the J3400 connector, colloquially known as the Tesla charging standard.

Building a Robust Charging Infrastructure

Stellantis’ commitment to the SAE J3400 standard extends beyond the vehicles themselves. The automaker is also a key player in the IONNA charging network, a joint venture between seven automakers aimed at installing at least 30,000 fast-charging stations across North America by 2030. These stations will be accessible to all BEV drivers, offering both Combined Charging System (CCS) and J3400 connectors.

Prioritizing Customer Convenience and Industry Alignment

Stellantis-brand BEVs equipped with the J3400 port are expected to hit showrooms by the second half of 2025. The company’s Senior Vice-President of Global Energy and Charging, Ricardo Stamatti, emphasized the importance of this move for customers, stating, “Customers benefit when the industry aligns on open standards.” This sentiment underscores Stellantis’ commitment to enhancing the customer experience by promoting interoperability and reducing charging-related complexities.

By adopting the SAE J3400 connector and investing in a robust charging infrastructure, Stellantis is making significant strides towards streamlining the electric vehicle charging process in North America. This move not only simplifies charging for existing BEV owners but also paves the way for a more accessible and convenient EV landscape for future adopters.


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