Westport Announces New EV Charging Station Pricing


The Town has announced its new pricing plan for electric vehicle (EV) Charging Stations located on town-owned and operated properties. The pricing plan will go into effect on Monday, March 11, 2024. The plan is designed to be competitive with other charging stations in the area while also providing a sustainable and cost-effective option for EV owners.

EV charger pricing plan at Municipal parking lots and locations will be as follows:

Town Hall, Library, Baldwin, Center for Senior Activities (CSA), Fire HQ

Fees for charging EVs will be 35 cents per kwh for the first three (3) hours. After a 15-minute grace period, users will be charged an idling fee of ten ($10) dollars per hour. This is intended to discourage individuals from occupying charging spaces beyond 3 hours.

Saugatuck & Greens Farms Railroad Stations

All Charging Stations located at the Greens Farms and Saugatuck RR stations ONLY will be on a separate plan from those at other locations in Town. Fees for charging EVs at the RR Stations will be 35 cents per kwh. No idling fee will be assessed due to the nature of individuals utilizing the Charging Stations at the RR Stations for commuting and for holding a Railroad Parking Permit.

Charging Station Locations/Access to Public EV Charging Stations

Location: Westport Town Hall

Address: 110 Myrtle Ave

Public Access: 2

Location: Westport Library Upper Parking Lot

Address: 20 Jesup Road

Public Access: 2

Location: Baldwin Parking Lot

Address: Elm Street

Public Access: 12

Location: Center for Senior Activities (CSA)

Address: 21 Imperial Avenue

Public Access: 1

Location: Westport Fire Headquarters

Address: 515 Post Road E.

Public Access: 2

Railroad Stations:

Location: Saugatuck

Public Access: Lot #1

Available Spaces: 7

Location: Saugatuck

Public Access: Lot #3

Available Spaces: 6

Location: Greens Farms

Public Access: Lot #1

Available Spaces: 2

Location: Greens Farms

Public Access: Lot #2

Available Spaces: 1

The Board of Selectwomen approved the “Town of Westport Policy on Use of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations on Town-owned and/or Town-operated Property” (the Policy EV Policy) at its December, 2023 meeting. Per the Policy:

Charging Stations will be provided for EVs on a first-come, first-served basis.

Charging Station spaces may not be used for routine EV or combustible engine parking. Users must utilize the Charging Station to charge upon parking in the parking space. 

Payment will be made through the network by scanning the QR code on the charging unit and following the instructions provided. In addition, users may submit payment through a third-party application provider currently utilized for EV charging.

Users will be required to pay any associated fees according to the rate agreed upon with the third-party provider. The Town is not responsible for transactions between EV Charger users and third-party providers.

First Selectwoman Jennifer Tooker said, “We are thrilled to introduce this new plan for EV chargers in Westport. We believe that electric vehicles are the way of the future, and by offering affordable and accessible charging options, we hope to encourage more people to switch to electric vehicles. This is a positive step towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future for our Town.”

 Downtown Plan Implementation Committee (DPIC) Chair Randy Herbertson said, “As a part of the technology upgrades pillar of our Downtown Westport strategic plan, we are pleased to see this progress in place to serve the evolving needs of our downtown shoppers and diners.”


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