$10 million grant to repair and upgrade public EV chargers coming to Oregon


Electric vehicle drivers throughout Oregon will have a more reliable public charging experience over the next few years thanks to a federal grant program sending $10 million to Oregon for public EV charger repairs and station upgrades, Oregon Dept. of Transportation said.

The $10 million grant will repair broken EV charging ports at public EV charging stations throughout the state. The funding can also be used to install more Level 2 or DC fast charging ports at project sites.

The ODOT Climate Office will oversee the grant fund distribution in Oregon, the agency said.

“Given this is a new federal grant program, we’re still working on the best, most efficient way to distribute the funds and how to engage the private sector,” ODOT stated in a media release. “The charging stations are owned by private companies, so we’ll work with them to repair broken charging ports and upgrade stations.”

Per federal rules, private companies are required to contribute 20% matching funds in order to receive grant funding, the agency said.

“We expect charging port repair and station upgrade projects to start by the end of 2024,” ODOT stated.

The grant comes from the federal Electric Vehicle Charger Reliability and Accessibility Accelerator program. It’s part of the $5 billion investment in public EV charging nationwide from the 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and overseen by the Federal Highway Administration.

ODOT was among 24 grant recipients in 20 states, and one of the 14 state DOTs to receive funding.

Which charging stations will be included

The Federal Highway Administration has identified 135 public EV charging stations in Oregon that have at least one broken EV charging port — either Level 2 or DC fast chargers — that are eligible for repairs or upgrades using grant funds.

ODOT created an online map of those public EV charging stations identified by the FHWA. View the map on Google Maps or see it below:

Note: This map is not the final list of charging stations that will receive funds for repairs or upgrades. It’s the pool of potential sites from which the final sites will be selected.

We do not have details yet on the final list of stations, but we’re working on that process now, and we’ll share more information with you later this year via email.

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Repair or upgrade numbers

Here’s more specifics on the potential work to be covered by these funds.

These are estimates because private sector participation and project costs will vary, ODOT said.

  • Level 2 charging ports repaired: Up to 148.
  • New Level 2 charging ports installed: Up to 208.
  • DC fast charging ports repaired: Up to 35.
  • New DC fast charger ports installed: Up to 30.

As of January 2024, there are about 2,900 public EV charging ports in Oregon (Level 2 and DC fast chargers) among 1,160 stations. There are roughly 80,000 registered EVs in Oregon, as of the latest data from September 2023.

“EV charger reliability is critical to speed EV growth and foster confidence among EV drivers throughout Oregon,” ODOT said. “If more people can imagine an EV fitting into their daily lives, then they may consider an EV for their next vehicle purchase.”

Spurring the transition to EVs “is one of the ways we’re working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation in Oregon,” ODOT stated. “By 2050, our data says we’re on track to reduce emissions by about 60% below 1990 levels. Learn how we’ll get there on Oregon’s transportation emissions website.”


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