Adin Ross shoots up his Tesla Cybertruck


Notable streamer and internet personality Adin Ross recently took delivery of a Tesla Cybertruck, and in classic content creator fashion, he did the most ridiculous thing you could do to it: shoot it with a gun.

This is not the first time the Tesla Cybertruck has been subjected to gunfire, as CEO Elon Musk revealed the pickup underwent a variety of gunfire “Al Capone style” to test its durability.

The Tesla Cybertruck has been marketed as one of the toughest vehicles on the market today, and the company put its money where its mouth was by testing it and releasing a video of it during the delivery event in November.

However, just as the steel ball test was first performed by Tesla and then emulated by fans later on, it was only a matter of time before somebody somewhere decided to do the same with a gun.

Adin Ross decided to be the one to do it, shooting his Cybertruck up with 9mm ammunition:

Ross’s excitement can be felt through his heavy breathing, use of profanity, and general expressions during and after the test. It is no secret the Cybertruck has some of the most interesting features and capabilities you can have in a car today, but its ability to withstand damage from firearms could arguably be the most impressive.

“If you’re ever in an argument with another car,” Musk said in November during the delivery event, “you will win.”

Bullet-tested Tesla Cybertruck to be displayed at Petersen Museum

But while accidents are a common occurrence on the road, being subjected to gunfire is not the most likely scenario. However, Tesla has branded the Cybertruck as an apocalypse-proof vehicle that will undergo any assessment or challenge and pass with flying colors.

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Adin Ross shoots up his Tesla Cybertruck


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