Another Tesla Model 3 Performance ‘Ludicrous’ seen in the U.S.


Another camouflaged version of the highly-anticipated Model 3 Performance has been spotted in the U.S., this time being towed on a trailer beneath a Cybertruck.

A photo of the Model 3 Performance was shared on Reddit this week, featuring a camouflage wrap on the rear bumper. While the Model 3 Performance was spotted uncovered in Spain sporting a “Ludicrous” badge just under a week ago, a badge can’t be seen in this particular photo due to both its angle and the rear bumper being covered up.

It’s not entirely clear where in the U.S. the sighting occurred, though it is worth noting that the upgraded Model 3 includes a sticker with the letters EU on the rear quarter window.

Credit: u/Salty_Astronaut_6567 | Reddit

The sighting also comes after many have speculated that Tesla was working on a Model 3 Performance, potentially even being dubbed “Ludicrous” or “Plaid” like past vehicles. Speculation also remains as to where the new configuration will be built, with some suggesting that it could be produced at Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California, where the upgraded Model 3 is currently ramping up.

Still, multiple apparent Model 3 Performance engineering vehicles have been spotted in the U.S. in recent months, including sightings in Santa Monica, California, last month.

The recent sightings also follow Tesla’s launch of the upgraded Model 3 in North America in January, and the launch of the refreshed sedan in many markets throughout the latter half of 2023. So far, all of these launches have debuted two configurations, a rear-wheel-drive and a “Long Range,” dual-motor, all-wheel-drive version, leaving many wondering about the potential for a Performance trim.

Tesla’s Head of Investor Relations Martin Viecha confirmed that a Model 3 Performance was coming last month, after the configuration had been hinted at in the automaker’s Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) and some European documents last year. Separate reports have also pointed to a Model 3 Performance launch in China, where Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai is located, and in Australia.

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Another Tesla Model 3 Performance ‘Ludicrous’ seen in the U.S.


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