Audi’s Frankfurt Charging Hub Unveiled


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Audi‘s new charging hub in Frankfurt am Main marks a significant step forward in the electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, offering a seamless, high-power charging experience. Located at Orber Straße, this hub is designed to accommodate electric cars of any brand, featuring four high-power charging (HPC) stations with up to 320 kW of power. Beyond mere charging, Audi has partnered with Klassikstadt Frankfurt to provide a unique waiting experience, housed in a historic building with a rich collection of vintage and modern classic cars. Here, users can enjoy various dining options in a cozy setting while their vehicle charges.

Key Highlights:

  • Accessible Charging for Everyone: The hub’s design prioritizes barrier-free access, ensuring ease of use for all, including individuals with disabilities. Features like a patented swivel arm, height-adjustable displays, and spacious layout enhance user experience.
  • High-Power Charging: Four HPC stations offer rapid charging up to 320 kW, catering to a wide range of electric vehicles.
  • Unique Waiting Experience: Adjacent Klassikstadt Frankfurt offers dining and entertainment options, making charging waits enjoyable.
  • Sustainability Focus: Utilizing second-life batteries from disassembled test vehicles allows for efficient energy use without the need for additional transformers.
  • Virtual Support: Audi introduces virtual guidance from advisors for a hassle-free charging process, a service tested and appreciated in Berlin and Munich.

Audi’s commitment to expanding urban charging solutions is evident in the establishment of this hub, expected to support around 5,000 charging operations annually. The inclusion of second-life batteries for energy storage highlights a sustainable approach, ensuring ample power for uninterrupted service. With features catering to accessibility, like the swivel arm reducing cable weight by 60%, and virtual support services, Audi sets a new standard for user-friendly, efficient, and inclusive EV charging stations.

“In the Frankfurt metropolitan area, we’ve got a high density of electrically powered vehicles. The charging hub is not only a welcome additional charging opportunity, but it also gives users the option to spend the waiting time at the adjacent Klassikstadt building,” states Stephanie Wüst, Frankfurt City Councillor. This initiative not only enhances the EV infrastructure but also integrates community and convenience, embodying Audi’s vision for the future of mobility.

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