Bayside Boosts Green Transport with Free EV Charging Stations in Partnership with JOLT


Bayside is set to become a hub for electric vehicle (EV) users, thanks to a new partnership with JOLT introducing nine public EV charging stations across highly frequented shopping precincts. This initiative aims to encourage EV drivers to patronize local businesses while taking advantage of free charging facilities. Each station, equipped with 50kw fast chargers, will offer 7kWh of free charging daily per customer—sufficient for 45-50 km of driving range, at no expense to the Council.

Strategic Locations for Maximum Accessibility

The proposed sites for these cutting-edge EV charging stations are strategically placed in Bayside’s bustling shopping areas, including the Black Street carpark in Brighton and the Sandringham Library off-street car park. Other locations span from Beaumaris to Highett, ensuring wide coverage and easy accessibility for EV drivers. Notably, these stations will also feature digital advertising screens, providing an innovative platform for local businesses to connect with their audience.

Supporting Sustainable Transport Solutions

This initiative represents a significant step towards promoting sustainable transport solutions within the community. By providing convenient and free charging options, Bayside and JOLT aim to increase the adoption of EVs, contributing to a reduction in carbon emissions and environmental pollution. The collaboration between the council and JOLT demonstrates a commitment to leveraging technology for environmental benefits while also supporting local commerce.

Community and Economic Impacts

The introduction of these EV charging stations is expected to have a positive impact on the local economy by attracting EV drivers to shop and dine in Bayside’s shopping precincts. This innovative approach not only caters to the growing number of EV users but also promotes Bayside as a forward-thinking and environmentally conscious community. As more people are encouraged to switch to electric vehicles, the demand for such charging infrastructure will continue to rise, making this initiative a pivotal moment in Bayside’s journey towards sustainable urban development.

The partnership between Bayside and JOLT in rolling out these EV charging stations marks a milestone in the city’s environmental initiatives. Offering free, fast charging facilities not only benefits EV users but also signals a broader shift towards sustainable living practices. As Bayside leads by example, it sets the stage for other communities to follow suit, driving forward the collective effort to combat climate change through innovative technology and community-focused strategies.


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