Boston Boosts EV Charging Network, Partners with Itselectric and Greenspot in Green New Deal Push


Boston is advancing its commitment to environmental sustainability and urban convenience by significantly expanding its electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. In a strategic move, the city is finalizing contracts with two notable companies, Itselectric and Greenspot, to install 60 new chargers at 15 locations, catering to the needs of nearly 7,000 EV owners.

Strategic Expansion to Meet Growing Demand

With an eye on the future, Boston’s initiative aims to address the increasing demand for accessible charging options, particularly for residents who rely on street parking. The selection of Itselectric and Greenspot reflects a thoughtful approach, combining slim charger posts for user-supplied cables and larger, more powerful stations with built-in cables, respectively. This diverse offering ensures a range of charging solutions that accommodate different user needs and preferences.

Collaborative Effort for Urban Sustainability

The city’s collaboration with Itselectric and Greenspot is a testament to Boston’s dedication to fostering urban sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. By drawing inspiration from New York City’s successful curbside charging model, Boston positions itself as a leader in the transition to greener transportation. This initiative not only benefits current EV owners but also encourages more residents to consider EVs as a viable and environmentally friendly transportation option.

Potential Impacts and Future Outlook

As Boston embarks on this ambitious project, its success will likely influence other Massachusetts cities and towns in their own EV infrastructure plans. The city’s experience will offer valuable insights into the viability of public-private partnerships in expanding EV charging networks and the potential for sustainable urban transportation. With careful planning and community engagement, Boston’s initiative could set a precedent for how cities nationwide approach EV charging infrastructure development.

By embracing innovative solutions and fostering collaborations, Boston is paving the way for a more sustainable and EV-friendly future. This initiative marks a significant step forward in the city’s Green New Deal efforts, promising not only to enhance urban living but also to inspire other cities to follow suit in the fight against climate change.


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