Buzze uses sharing model to connect EV drivers and charging stations


A Ford Mustang Mach-E was the first new car Aaron Lieberman bought in more than a decade.

He didn’t know his new electric vehicle would become the core of his latest venture until he took an Uber to the airport. 

The car was a Tesla and Lieberman asked the driver, who rented his home and did not have a charger installed there, where he charged it. The driver mentioned a spot in the Biltmore area. 

Lieberman, who has a home charger, did a lot of research before making his purchase. Yet, this was an aspect of electric vehicle ownership that hadn’t crossed his mind.

Aaron Lieberman is the founder and CEO of Buzze, an app that connects a network of home electric vehicle charging stations whose owners serve as hosts for electric vehicle drivers seeking a reliable place to charge up in a convenient spot.

“But, I started to think about it,” Lieberman said. 

A veteran entrepreneur, Lieberman had discovered his next project.

At the time Lieberman, a former Arizona State Representative, was a fairly new electric vehicle owner. He bought the car the same month he dropped out of the race for governor in 2022. 


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