Charged EVs | Brightmerge platform helps fleet owners to optimize EV project designs


Brightmerge has released a new and improved version of its Business Optimization Platform, a “business performance optimization platform for the sales, design, optimization and operation of EV fleets.”

The new version features enhanced sensitivity analysis and improved techno-financial reporting options, including the ability to incorporate carbon emissions calculations into financial reports.

The Brightmerge platform uses data to automatically create optimized EV fleet project designs, and includes robust modeling and simulation capabilities. The system can offer recommendations for vehicles, energy requirements, microgrid deployment and charging infrastructure needs. It’s designed to help fleet operators overcome the most common pitfalls of EV transitions.

The upgraded Brightmerge platform generates techno-financial reports designed to help fleet operators design EV fleet projects that can achieve long-term profitability. It delivers granular data on project costs and financial opportunities.

Enhanced carbon emissions calculations can support fleet owners in their sustainability reporting. Automatically generated reports based on vehicle type, energy and battery requirements and vehicle utilization data help fleet owners to understand the environmental impact of their EV fleets and plan for a transition that meets regulatory requirements.

“The transportation sector faces challenges in transitioning from internal combustion engines to EVs. Lengthy decision-making processes, unreliable public EV charging infrastructure, volatile electricity markets, disconnected EV and energy system packaging, and non-profitable EV transition projects hinder the rapid progress needed,” explained Daniel Schwab, founder and President of Brightmerge USA. “We’ve automated complex processes for the planning and optimization of EV fleet transition programs, minimizing the risks [and] equipping ecosystem players to make rapid and informed decisions to maximize project success.”

Source: Brightmerge


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