Charged EVs | Citgo enters EV charging market with pilot program in Michigan


For better or for worse, oil companies are moving aggressively into the EV charging market. The latest oil giant to start selling electrons is Citgo Petroleum, which recently launched an EV charging pilot program in Battle Creek, Michigan, in collaboration with longtime marketer Folk Oil.

The Citgo location on 11 Mile Road in Battle Creek now offers EV charging stations in addition to legacy fuel pumps. The new EV chargers include both CCS and NACS (Tesla) plugs.

Citgo devised an internal model to assess the viability of EV charging sites, and collaborated with national electrical company AGI for implementation. The turnkey solutions provider will work with stores throughout the process, facilitating access to available grants via the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program and other programs.

“As a marketer, we need to provide offerings that meet all types of transportation needs for our consumers,” said Jim Linton, President of Folk Oil. “We appreciate how Citgo is approaching the EV space in a way that ensures its marketers’ success. Working together we were able to pinpoint the best location to launch this program.”

Kevin Kinney, Citgo General Manager of Brand Equity, explained how Citgo works with its site hosts. “Instead of a store receiving a monthly rent for EV charger installation, the Citgo program provides upfront assistance, while still giving the marketer full ownership of the installed EV charger.”

“In addition to our turnkey solutions, we offer an extensive range of EV charger brands, giving Citgo Marketers the flexibility to choose the best solution for their sites,” said Brad Hinkley, VP of Business Development for AGI’s ELM Division. “With so many moving parts in the EV space, we’re here to provide a streamlined program that covers everything from charger selection to post-installation maintenance.”

Source: Citgo


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