Charged EVs | Eaton’s Charging Network Manager makes it easier to add EV charging using existing electrical service


Adding EV charging stations often requires complex and expensive upgrades to existing electrical infrastructure. Intelligent power management company Eaton aims to meet this challenge with a new solution that safely maximizes the charging capabilities of existing electrical systems.

Eaton’s Charging Network Manager software, which was developed in collaboration with partner ChargeLab, is a fully integrated monitoring, management and commissioning software solution for EV charging stations and networks. The platform creates a digital twin of the electrical system in order to dynamically manage loads and safely stretch available electrical capacity while providing the fastest charge possible.

Eaton’s Charging Network Manager software can monitor charging station energy usage in real time, reallocate power as available to other networked chargers, and balance energy demand across three-phase power systems.

“Electrifying transportation has a cascading impact on infrastructure. At Eaton, we’re creating new opportunities for customers to manage power far more effectively and make the most of energy infrastructure,” said Paul Ryan, General Manager of Connected Solutions and EV Charging at Eaton. “We’re bringing end-to-end solutions for charging infrastructure to the table and helping customers creatively manage their options to quickly and safely deploy EV charging networks.”

“Software-based load management multiplies the number of EV chargers a site can safely support, sometimes by 10 times or more. This is a game changer for commercial and fleet EV charging,” said ChargeLab CEO Zak Lefevre. “Eaton is unique in providing such a robust, end-to-end solution, including hardware and software.”

Source: Eaton


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