Charged EVs | Eaton’s EV chargers meet California’s CTEP requirements for transparent billing


Intelligent power management company Eaton has announced that its Green Motion EV chargers are certified to meet the California Type Evaluation Program (CTEP) requirements for transparent billing practices.

CTEP is a certification program from the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Division of Measurement Standards (DMS) created to ensure that weighing and measuring devices operate correctly. The compliance process for EV chargers helps ensure consistent billing and charging performance to provide drivers with a uniform experience.

In compliance with the CTEP requirements, Eaton’s Green Motion Building and Green Motion Fleet Level 2 EV charging solutions provide drivers with billing transparency through point-of-sale pricing and digital receipts, detailing the actual measurement of electricity transferred in each charging session.

Eaton worked closely with ChargeLab, a provider of EV charger management software, to meet the CTEP requirements.

“Trusted and reliable EV charging technologies are vital for EV adoption,” said Paul Ryan, General Manager of Connected Solutions and EV Charging at Eaton. “Now, we’re the only manufacturer with CTEP certification able to bring the entire electrical infrastructure to the table—including the chargers and electrical solutions and services needed for safe, reliable charging.”

Source: Eaton


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