Charged EVs | RecycLiCo secures investment for battery recycling joint venture


RecycLiCo Battery Materials, a battery recycling company, has received investment approval from the Taiwan Department of Investment Review for its 50/50 joint venture with Zenith Chemical.

RecycLiCo will invest 24 million Taiwan dollars ($768,000) initially, and subsequent investments will be determined as needed through construction and commissioning. The joint venture, Recyclico Zenith Battery Materials Technology, is developing the project, Zenith Chemical will prepare the Taiwan site and RecycLiCo will build a 2,000 t/year modular factory in Vancouver. This modular plant is intended to be transported to Taiwan for the final commissioning. The joint venture will turn black matter into high-value goods like battery-grade lithium compounds and precursor cathode active material (pCAM).

“The modular construction approach of the plant allows for flexible scalability, enabling the joint venture to efficiently expand its capacity in response to the growing Asian battery recycling market,” the company said.

Source: RecycLiCo


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