Charged EVs | Rheinmetall wins new order for 800 V electric coolant pumps


German automotive and arms manufacturer Rheinmetall has won an order for several hundred thousand high-voltage electric coolant pumps.

This is the customer’s first electric truck division order and is worth a figure in the mid-two-digit million-euro range. High-voltage CWA 2000 pumps are designed for use in 800 V architecture. Glandless design and bearings made for cooling water applications aim to limit wear and tear. The order includes the provision of spare parts. Production is scheduled to begin in 2025 and delivery will last until 2030.

The 800 V design doubles the charging output to 400 kW and reduces electrical losses, improving everyday utility, the company said. This technology also allows the use of thinner cables, saving installation space, weight and costly metals like copper. Lower heat loss makes cooling systems smaller and more efficient.

The deal “paves the way for a further widening of ties with the customer also in the fuel cell application domain,” the company said.

Source: Rheinmetall


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