Charged EVs | Safer EV systems through advanced power distribution and protection 


Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more popular and affordable as the demand for clean and sustainable mobility grows. However, EVs have increasingly higher power levels that can have unsafe overcurrent situations. To address these challenges, EVs need reliable and efficient power distribution and protection solutions that can ensure safety, performance, and durability of the vehicles and the charging infrastructure. Eaton, a global leader in power management, offers a range of solutions for EV power distribution and protection, from components to systems, that can meet the diverse needs of EV manufacturers, operators, and users.

Eaton’s components for EV power distribution and protection include fuses, Breaktor® circuit protection technology, busbars, and connectors. These components are designed to handle high currents and voltages, withstand harsh environments, and provide fast and accurate protection against short circuits, overloads, and overtemperature. The exclusive Breaktor technology combines the functions of a fuse and a contactor in one device. It can interrupt high currents and voltages in milliseconds, isolate faults, and enable fast and safe reconnection. It also reduces the size, weight, and complexity of the EV power distribution system, saving space and improving competitiveness. With a broad variety of components are compatible with various EV architectures, such as AC or DC, single-phase or three-phase, and low-voltage or high-voltage, Eaton is able to design solutions for customized vehicle system applications.

Eaton’s systems for EV power distribution and protection include power distribution units (PDUs) and battery disconnect units (BDUs). These systems integrate Eaton’s components, like Breaktor, to provide comprehensive and customized solutions for EV system power management with advanced circuit protection. Eaton’s PDUs and BDUs distribute the power of the EV battery, as well as protect it from overcharging, undercharging, and thermal runaway. The BDU is also specially designed to isolate the battery from the power distribution system in case of a fault or an emergency and reconnect it when needed. Both PDUs and BDUs can be customized to fit various EV architectures and applications.

Eaton’s power distribution and protection solutions for EVs can help EV manufacturers, operators, and users achieve their goals of reducing emissions, improving efficiency, and enhancing safety. Eaton has a proven track record of delivering innovative and reliable solutions for EV power management and is committed to advancing the safety of electrification of transportation to create a better future.

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