Charged EVs | Webinar: Designing secure and remotely managed electric vehicle chargers


Discover the power of over-the-air updates and connectivity for EV chargers

The electric vehicle landscape continues to evolve, ensuring the safety and efficiency of EV chargers becomes paramount. This is the third in a series of groundbreaking webinars on the future of electric vehicle (EV) chargers, where you can join us to discover the power of over-the-air updates and connectivity for EV chargers. We’ll explore the critical aspects of designing EV charging stations with a focus on design, security and remote management.

In this session, our experts from ByteSnap Design’s EV charging division, Versinetic, and Ventus Wireless will delve into the intricate world of design, security features and remote management capabilities for EV chargers. From robust encryption protocols to advanced remote monitoring systems, we’ll cover the technologies and strategies that make EV charging networks secure, reliable, and adaptable to the demands of the modern world.

In this one-hour presentation, attendees will learn about:

  • Design techniques using examples highlighting Versinetic’s reference design for Level 3 EV chargers
  • Advanced remote management systems that enable real-time monitoring, diagnostics, and updates for EV charging networks, while maximizing charger uptime and optimizing performance and reliability
  • The latest security protocols integrated into EV chargers, ensuring data privacy, secure transactions and protection against cyber threats
  • Critical capabilities for future-proofing EV charging infrastructure, allowing for seamless updates, scalability, and adaptability to evolving industry standards
  • Introduction to Digi ConnectCore® 93 system-on-modules and their application to EV chargers.

This webinar will be hosted by CHARGED on Tuesday, March 5th at 12 pm US EST.

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