Charged EVs | Yamaha Motor to acquire electric marine propulsion manufacturer Torqeedo


Yamaha Motor has announced plans to acquire marine electric propulsion manufacturer Torqeedo.

Torqeedo offers a wide-ranging line of products, from electric outboard and inboard motors for small boats to battery packs and other drivetrain components for larger vessels such as yachts and ferries. The company holds many patents related to electric motors, propellers and electrical systems.

A recent study commissioned by the International Council of Marine industry Associations (ICOMIA) entitled “The Pathways to Decarbonisation for the Recreational Marine Industry,” identified a number of challenges for electrifying recreational boats. Yamaha says the report validates the company’s approach to carbon neutrality, which apparently amounts to researching electric propulsion while continuing to produce ICEs.

“Yamaha’s acquisition of Torqeedo supports the current Mid-Term Plan and helps to accelerate the company’s efforts toward achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. That goal within the marine market can only be reached through an approach leveraging a variety of solutions, one of which is electric propulsion,” said Ben Speciale, President, Yamaha US Marine Business Unit. “Through the relationship with Torqeedo, Yamaha will have the ability to fast-track the establishment of a small electric propulsion lineup.”

Source: Yamaha Motor


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