EV drivers want gas-station perks at charging stops


When it comes to charging stations, EV drivers want the same amenities drivers currently get at gas station, a new AutoPacific study found.

The AutoPacific EV Consumer Insights Study asked over 7,200 “future EV acceptors,” defined by the consulting and market-research firm as “those who either intend to purchase or will consider purchasing an EV in the near future,” about their ideal charging experience.

Respondents pointed to gas-station features like windshield cleaner, air pumps for inflating tires, and vacuums as most-wanted features for charging stations, along with more charging-specific elements like clear signage for pricing and charging speed.

Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE sedan at Tesla Supercharger station

Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE sedan at Tesla Supercharger station

The study found that EV acceptance is on the rise, with the share of respondents intending to purchase an EV up from 11% in 2022 to 17% in 2023. Another 58% of respondents said they would consider purchasing an EV in the near future. But whether it’s current owners or those mulling an EV purchase, most respondents agreed that charging stations should offer similar amenities to gas stations.

“Allowing EV owners to have a public charging experience similar to what they’re used to with traditional fueling is certainly beneficial to increasing EV acceptance,” AutoPacific president Ed Kim said in a statement provided to Green Car Reports.

This indicates some of the alternative charging-station designs, such as ones co-located with Waffle House restaurants, or Electrify America’s new template for urban charging, might not be ideal after all. These locations offer amenities, but not typical gas-station features like vacuums and squeegees.

Electric fueling station of the future -

Electric fueling station of the future –

In a challenge to designers and architecture firms, a 2022 contest chose several award-winning designs—most of which looked like modern interpretations on a traditional highway service area.  That’s quite different from most current charging stations. Tesla Superchargers, for example, don’t offer perks like tire pressure, vacuums, or car washes.

But with a new network, Ionna, just taking form with backing from seven automakers, maybe it’s time to consider some new must-haves for charging.


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