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Parsippany, NJ, Jan. 17, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GOe3, the Scottsdale-based electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure company, is at the forefront of revolutionizing the travel industry through an innovative EV charging solution that benefits both business and consumer while addressing the struggles of the nation’s current energy grid. The Company is expanding its horizons in 2024, starting with a merger with Global Technologies Ltd. (GTLL: OTC Pink) in the first quarter of the year and an upcoming expansion of production capabilities.

“We don’t have a problem generating the energy, we have a problem properly distributing it,” said Brian Brimacombe, GOe3 Chief Executive Officer. “We’re trying to change that through the use of solutions like bidirectional charging and technology designs that allow our charging stations to be virtually obsolete proof.”

The innovation in the GOe3 charging station is its design as a modular system that allows for the swapping of parts as technology advances while still maintaining UL and UCL certifications. The Company’s patent pending technology avoids the problems faced by other EV charging station manufacturers when needed upgrades make their systems obsolete.

GOe3 charging stations also allow for bidirectional charging, which allows a charged electric vehicle to send energy back into the grid for use by other devices while it is connected to a charging station.

A pioneer in EV charging stations, GOe3 has always focused on the future and the changing needs of the electric car landscape while designing and implementing charging stations. That forward-thinking approach has led to the development of a superior charging station, but Brimacombe’s vision also includes an interconnected world for travelers and businesses.

GOe3’s digital mobility business unit provides drivers with station locations, trip planning, coupons and more at their fingertips through a smartphone app, while giving businesses an advertising platform.

According to Brimacombe, a 255,000-square-foot manufacturing and production facility in Georgia is slated to be fully operational by year’s end. As the company continues to build nationwide momentum, a major contract with a leading tiny-homes manufacturer will further highlight the advantages of GOe3’s proprietary vehicle to grid charging environment.

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About GOe3:

GOe3, LLC (“GOe3”) began operations on February 12, 2000. GOe3 intends on building and operating a network of universal electric vehicle (“EV”) charging stations within 45-75 miles of selected interstate highways across the U.S. GOe3 believes its patent-pending charging station design will be a vital component to the electric vehicle charging station expansion.

About Global Technologies:

Global Technologies, Ltd. (OTC Pink: GTLL) is a publicly traded company with a strong focus on entering new markets including the acquisition and redevelopment of distressed properties. The company seeks to capitalize on underutilized or undervalued assets, creating opportunities for growth, and delivering exceptional value to shareholders.

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