Huge Tesla Megapack project breaks ground in Queensland


Another Tesla Megapack project in Australia has broken ground, set to replace a former coal plant as part of a sustainable energy hub in Queensland.

Construction has begun on a 250MW/500MWh Tesla Megapack project in Swanbank, Queensland, as part of a partnership on the Swanbank Clean Energy Hub between the company Yurika and public utility organization CleanCo, as detailed in a press release on Monday.

The project will be funded by the Queensland Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Jobs Fund, costing around $330 million. The big battery is said to store enough energy to power over two-thirds of the city of Ipswich for two hours each night as demand increases when the sunsets.

“Energy infrastructure is at the core of what we do, and we’re really looking forward to the partnership with CleanCo Queensland, Tesla and of course the local community to reimagine Swanbank through its Clean Energy Hub,” said Belinda Watton, Yurika’s executive general manager.

“Alongside cheaper, cleaner and more reliable energy, this publicly owned asset supports the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan, creating jobs for Queenslanders and signals an incredibly positive investment into our clean energy future.”

Expected to be energized by mid-2025, the project is just the latest of Queensland clean energy projects to utilize Tesla’s Megapacks, and it’s being built in the place of a former coal plant. The Megapack project is also just one of a number of renewable energy projects being debuted in Australia, coming as a part of the Miles Labor Government Big Energy Build.

The project is CleanCo’s first big battery storage project, with construction expected to create roughly 60 jobs, while as many as 10 full-time positions will become available when the project goes online.

Another press release from fellow partner CleanCo notes that, while construction has begun on the site, the actual Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), made up by the Megapacks, will be arriving later this year.

“The LNP closed the Swanbank Power Station because power prices were too low, whilst Labor reopened it. Now, we’ve started converting it into one of the state’s first Clean Energy Hubs,” said Mick de Brenni, Queensland Minister for Energy and Clean Economy Jobs.

“This big battery is proof the Miles Government is taking real action to decarbonise our state’s economy in a way that makes cost of living more affordable for Queenslanders.”

In November, a 100MW/200MWh project including 80 Tesla Megapacks was connected to the grid in Chinchilla, Queensland, while major BESS projects in Wandoan and Rockhampton were also commissioned last year, among multiple others still.

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Huge Tesla Megapack project breaks ground in Queensland


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