‘Increasing access to EV charging for guests’


Soon, you’ll be able to save money and the planet, one hotel stay at a time.

Tesla recently signed an exciting agreement with Choice Hotels International — which describes itself as “one of the world’s largest hotel franchisors” — that enables the installation of electric vehicle chargers at thousands of participating locations across the country.

The participating hotels include Radisson, Cambria, Comfort, Country Inn & Suites, Quality Inn, and other Choice-branded hotels across the U.S. Currently 41% of Cambria hotels offer charging. Thanks to this deal, that percentage is slated to increase to 100 by the end of 2024.

This news means eco-conscious road trippers can breathe easy knowing their next stay is one step closer to carbon neutral. The deal promises a minimum of four Tesla Universal Wall Connectors at hotels that opt in, giving guests ample charging access during their visit.

The functional and adaptive Tesla charger works for every EV model, ensuring universal compatibility. As the American public continues to embrace electric cars en masse, charging anxiety melts away when reliable stations wait at common road trip pit stops.

Besides the perks for travelers, hotels also benefit from attracting the growing EV consumer base. The revenue opportunity and corporate social responsibility angle sweeten the appeal of installing on-site charging capabilities. Upfront equipment costs pay themselves back over time by enticing eco-tourists who seek sustainability commitments when booking hotels.

While collective action from governments and corporations remains essential in the fight to cool our warming world, individual contributions, like driving cars that don’t emit noxious gases like carbon dioxide, make a tangible difference. Aligning personal habits like travel plans with green incentives grants laypeople the power needed to curb emissions.

The Tesla and Choice collaboration sets an example for other hospitality chains to implement creative sustainability measures as well.

Dominic Dragisich, executive vice president of operations and chief global brand officer for Choice Hotels International, said, “This agreement with Tesla allows our brands to further stand out by increasing access to EV charging for guests and potentially drive incremental topline revenue for hotel owners.”

“Very good news,” one Electrek reader commented on the story, with another adding, “This is great.” 

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