Ionna EV charging network backed by 7 major automakers launches operations in North America


The Ionna electric vehicle (EV) charging network has officially launched its operations in North America. First announced last year by seven leading automakers, including BMW, General Motors (GM), Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, and Stellantis, the Ionna network aims to address the growing demand for reliable and accessible EV charging stations across the United States and Canada.

The Ionna network plans to build at least 30,000 charging stations by 2030, the first of which are planned to be built in the US in 2024, with plans to expand to Canada “at a later stage.” The stations will be placed both in urban centers and along key highways to ensure comprehensive coverage for EV users. Ionna’s charging stations will be equipped with fast-charging capabilities using both the Combined Charging System (CCS) and Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) connectors.

The Ionna network will integrate renewable energy sources, and will feature amenities such as restrooms, food services, and retail operations near or within the charging station complexes.

As part of the launch of operations in North America, Seth Cutler has been appointed CEO of the Ionna network, bringing experience from his previous roles in the EV charging industry, including positions at EVgo and Electrify America.

I am honored to lead IONNA and work alongside these esteemed automakers in shaping the future of electric mobility. Our shared commitment to creating an extensive, high-powered charging network reflects our dedication to revolutionizing the entire EV charging experience and helping to drive widespread EV adoption.

Seth Cutler, CEO IONNA

The announcement of the Ionna network comes at the same time as one of its major partners, Stellantis, announces its intention to adopt Tesla’s NACS on its future electric vehicles (EVs). However, unlike all of the previous announcements, Stellantis did not mention Tesla, NACS (only referring to it by its industry name J3400), or that its EV owners will have access to the Supercharger network.

The timing of the two announcements suggest that Stellantis did not sign a deal with Tesla to gain access to over 15,000 Superchargers in Canada and the US, but will instead focus on building out the Ionna network with its partners.

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