LG Elec showcases EV chargers optimized for various spaces


LG Electronics’s exhibition booth at 2024 EV Trend Korea at Coex, Seoul (Courtesy of Yonhap)

LG Electronics Inc. on Wednesday unveiled its electric vehicle charging solutions optimized for various spaces such as homes, commercial spaces and charging stations at 2024 EV Trend Korea, after it made its foray into the EV charger market last year.

It is the first time that the South Korean home appliances maker is exhibiting its entire lineup of EV chargers available at home: a 7-kilowatt (kW) slow-speed charger and two types of fast chargers with a capacity of 100 kW and 200 kW.

For the three-day EV exposition that started on Wednesday, LG Electronics opened a 180 square-meter exhibition booth with three main design concepts: housing, commercial space and charging station.

The 7kW charger offered for residential use can be mounted on a stand or on a wall with a touch screen.

LG unveils three types of EV chargers with a capacity of 7kW, 100kW and 200kW at 2024 EV Trend Korea (Courtesy of LG Electronics)

The 100kW fast charger will be displayed in a mock commercial parking lot within its exhibition booth. It can charge two vehicles at the same time, making it useful in public parking lots in shopping malls, hospitals and restaurants.

The 24-inch display mounted on 100kW and 200kW chargers shows the charging status and advertisements such as promotional events.

Thanks to their high durability, they enable stable charging even in extreme temperatures such as 25 degrees Celsius below zero, or 40 degrees Celsius.

The Korean household name has been making its push into the automotive electronics market and aims to transform into a platform-based technology company by 2030.

A guide of LG Electronics’ exhibition booth is trying a 200kW EV charger with a 24-inch touch display (Courtesy of LG Electronics)

Last year, LG Electronics launched its domestic production of EV chargers. In January this year, it opened its first overseas EV charger factory in Fort Worth, Texas, with an annual production capacity of more than 10,000 chargers.

To beef up its EV charger service at home, it has more than doubled employees at its customer service arm Hiteleservice Co. and extended its business hours to late nights and weekends.

Last year, LG Electronics Chief Executive Cho Joo-wan said the company aimed to achieve 100 trillion won ($75 billion) in annual sales by 2030, up from 84.28 trillion won in 2023, its highest-ever annual revenue.

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