Looking for a 20 kW DC Source? 


Kikusui’s new solution to your need of high-capacity & wide-range DC power supply!

Kikusui never stops! Just as they stole the show last year with highly acclaimed bi-directional DC power supply, PXB series, they are here to introduce yet another brand-new DC source. With its 20kW capacity and the selection of 1500V and 500V output, PXT Series is yet another addition to Kikusui’s already rich lineup of DC power supplies.

To ensure it meets your need of high-performance, high-capacity, wide-range DC power source, the features include; 

  • Maximum 20kW output in a 3U size
  • Supports a maximum voltage of 1500 V
  • Select input voltage from 200V-240V (3-phase) or 380V-480V (3-phase) 
  • Bleeder ON/OFF function
  • Output ON/OFF delay function
  • Full-load continuous operation is possible even at ambient temperatures (122 °F maximum)
  • One-control parallel operation function (up to 10 units of the same model)
  • Touch panel for intuitive operation
  • LAN, USB, RS232C, external analog control (isolated type) standard
  • External control I/O is standard for both NPN and PNP type PLCs

Model Lineup

  • PXT20K-500 3P3W 200V (20kW / 500V / 120A / 200-240V 3-Phase Input)
  • PXT20K-500 3P3W 400V (20kW / 500V / 120A / 380-480V 3-Phase Input)
  • PXT20K-1500 3P3W 200V (20kW / 1500V / 30A / 200-240V 3-Phase Input)
  • PXT20K-1500 3P3W 400V (20kW / 1500V / 30A / 380-480V 3-Phase Input)

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