Lucid cuts prices by up to $8000 to attempt to surge demand


Lucid has cut prices on the Air electric vehicle lineup by as much as $8,000 in an attempt to surge demand.

The Lucid Air Pure Rear-Wheel-Drive is now priced at $69,900. The most affordable and accessible trim of the Air features a sleek interior and exterior design and a driving range of up to 410 miles. It was previously priced at $77,400.

The Lucid Air Touring is now priced at $77,900 and features an All-Wheel-Drive powertrain that produces 620 horsepower. It was previously $85,900.

The Grand Touring is now $109,900, and features just a $1,000 discount. This is one of the premiere trims of the Lucid Air, featuring 819 horsepower, an All-Wheel-Drive powertrain, and an astounding 516 miles of range.

Lucid said it wanted to expand the ownership experience and the price cuts were intended to directly address the commonly-mentioned barriers against purchasing or leasing an EV: price and ease of ownership.

“We are optimistic about the future of EVs and believe strongly that increased adoption is a necessary path towards reducing the impact of climate change,” CEO Peter Rawlinson said. “We have worked tirelessly to enable the Lucid Air lineup to deliver unsurpassed range and performance from less energy, and so I’m delighted that today we are able to share this benefit with our customers.”

2023 Lucid Air Deliveries

Lucid announced that it had delivered 1,734 vehicles in the fourth quarter. This brought its 2023 totals to 8,428 produced and 6,001 delivered.

Its Q4 performance was a 10 percent drop from the same quarter a year prior.

Lucid struggles in Q4 and decreases deliveries from a year earlier

It also dropped production output goals in November, stating that its projected numbers for manufacturing goals did not “prudently align” with its capabilities.

New Strategies

In December, Lucid decided to upgrade and update its Air lineup with more customization availability to attempt to push more vehicles out of the door.

Now, it is attempting to cut prices for more demand triggers, but the question is, will it work?

Lucid updates and upgrades Air lineup for 2024

Unfortunately, Lucid is losing a lot of money per unit. In Q3 2023, it was losing $430,000 for every vehicle it produced.

Now that prices are lower and volume is still low, it seems that number will increase.

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Lucid cuts prices by up to $8000 to attempt to surge demand


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