Mercedes-Benz new Wallbox helps U.S. owners achieve intelligent home charging


Mercedes-Benz has launched its new Wallbox in the United States, a viable option for electric vehicle owners who charge at home.

The Wallbox is a fast home-charging option for owners of EVs and plug-in hybrids alike. With speeds up to 11.5 kW, the Wallbox will assist in easy and quick charging for those who choose to plug in at their house while also offering a sleek design and intelligent features.

Markus Rossman, Senior Manager of Charging Solutions for Mercedes-Benz USA, commented on the release of Wallbox:

“Mercedes-Benz is committed to providing our customers with a variety of convenient, simple and fast charging options, whether at-home or on the road. The Mercedes-Benz Wallbox is a beautifully designed and intuitive tool that offers our customers more flexibility and functionality when charging through its advanced integration with the Mercedes me connect app.”

Connected, Intelligent Charging

The Wallbox connects to your at-home WiFi network and can be operated with remote functions through the Mercedes me connect app.

Mercedes-Benz uses the example of stopping and starting charging sessions, tracking current status, and taking a peek at charging history. It will also display and estimate their home charging costs using energy rates and the amount of energy consumed by the vehicle.

It will also be able to receive Over-the-Air software updates.

Technology and Design

The Wallbox is designed to fit the aesthetic of Mercedes-Benz current vehicles. It features multi-colored LED lights to indicate status of charging process. Additionally, it features a 23-foot charging cable to accommodate any parking situation.

It will charge Mercedes-Benz EVs and plug-in hybrids, but also any car that uses the SAE J1772 inlet.

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Mercedes-Benz new Wallbox helps U.S. owners achieve intelligent home charging


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