More EV Charging Stations Will Come to Colorado in 2024


Have you noticed more electric vehicles on the road in Colorado? Yes, many normal vehicles are being purchased in the Centennial State, but more residents are opting for electric vehicles.

Last year, it was reported that over 17% of new vehicles sold in Colorado were electric. Over 2 million electric vehicles are currently on the road in the United States. This is a clear sign that times are definitely changing.

More Charging Stations Coming to Colorado

Wired reports that the White House is going to announce a $623 million for installing charging stations across the nation.

In total, President Biden has a goal to build half of a million new stations and they will be built from 26 factories.

Many electric car owners have charging stations built at their homes, but you have most likely seen charging stations popping up at malls, grocery stores, parks, and general charging stations right here in Colorado.

Electric Vehicles and Colorado: The Drastic Weather

Is Colorado a good state for electric vehicles? Personally, I have no problem with electric vehicles. To be honest, the steep price tag is the largest reason why I have stayed away. Plus I am happy with my car.

Electric vehicles are still relatively new. There have been problems with them, but the technology is improving with new models and software updates.

For example, many Tesla drivers were crashing because they were relying too heavily on autopilot.

Tesla had a recall late last year to add a safety feature.

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Another new issue is whether or not the batteries could withstand Colorado’s climate.

Batteries in electric vehicles are losing quality quickly due to low temperatures and it is causing a headache for many owners.

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