Over 50 Tesla Cybertruck units spotted at Giga Texas


Tesla has been ramping up production of the Cybertruck at its Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, and it will continue to do so throughout this year. In recent footage from the plant, viewers can see over 50 Cybertruck units in a single lot at Giga Texas, seemingly showing that the ramp-up process has been going fairly smoothly.

In a video on YouTube from Brad Sloan over the weekend, you can count over 50 Cybertruck units in just one of the lots at the facility, with an additional 20 to 30 in another area. This is quite a bit more than we’ve witnessed in past drone footage of the factory, indicating Tesla’s continued production ramp-up. Spread across Tesla’s new outbound lot and its testing and calibration area, you can see at least a couple of massive rows of Cybertrucks lined up, along with others being loaded up to be shipped away from the factory.

You can watch the full video from Brad Sloan, taken on Saturday, here, or check out a couple of screenshots from the video below.

Credit: Brad Sloan | YouTube

Credit: Brad Sloan | YouTube

It’s tough to say how quickly Tesla is pumping Cybertrucks out at Giga Texas, or how many exactly, since most of these drone videos simply capture the areas over a short period of time in a day. Still, the steady increase of Cybertruck units to now well over 50 suggests that the automaker is inching closer to volume production—though it’s expected to take 12-18 months from when the factory first began producing production units a few months ago.

The video also showed a number of other interesting happenings at the factory, including tons of vehicle castings just outside the plant, continued construction of a 64-stall Supercharger station, and several other ongoing construction projects.

Tesla has been gradually ramping up production of the Cybertruck at Giga Texas since its initial delivery event held in late November, at which the automaker delivered roughly a dozen units. Since then, early Cybertruck deliveries have been trickling out to celebrities and some reservation holders, while the automaker has been touring the unique electric pickup around China and Japan in recent weeks.

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Over 50 Tesla Cybertruck units spotted at Giga Texas


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