Regulations approved for electric vehicle charging stations in Grapevine


Greater regulations surrounding electric vehicle charging stations and charging equipment are set to take effect in Grapevine.

Grapevine City Council unanimously approved an ordinance regulating areas where electric vehicle charging stations and charging equipment are allowable as well as their definitions during the Jan. 16 meeting. Spots reserved for charging stations will not count toward any parking space minimums for developments.

The overview

The recently adopted ordinance will function as an update to Grapevine’s Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance. Director of Planning Erica Marohnic said the ordinance will stipulate that any transformers for charging stations and charging equipment must be mounted on the ground.

Entities wishing to install electric vehicle charging stations or charging equipment will be required to obtain a conditional-use permit, according to city documents. A moratorium on the installation of electric vehicle charging stations and charging equipment was approved in September to give city staff time to craft the ordinance.

“I know that there are some that would rather not have this approval in place, but we’ve begun to see these EV stations going up everywhere,” council member Darlene Freed said.

The specifics

Marohnic said applicants for an electric vehicle charging station and charging equipment would need to provide the city with notice from a utility provider that will provide electricity for the station and charging equipment. Screening for any stations within 50 feet of residential development will stipulate screening and charging stations are not allowed within 50 feet of public right of way.

Per city documents, electric vehicle charging stations and charging equipment are allowed in the following zoning districts:

  • Multifamily residential
  • Community commercial
  • Highway commercial
  • Central business
  • Light industrial
  • Business park
  • Government use


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