Republicans and EVs, Honda fuel-cell CR-V, charging-station perks: Today’s Car News


Republican officials may not be representing their constituencies on EVs. The fuel-cell-powered Honda CR-V has a charge port and makes the most of it. And what do EV drivers really want in charging-station amenities? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Fiscal-hawk types used to see EVs as a great idea, for energy independence and all sorts of other reasons. When did Republicans turn against EVs? As a political consultant recently underscored, it’s complicated—and all the heel-digging vs EVs doesn’t truly reflect constituencies.

Honda has teased some modest styling changes for its upcoming hydrogen fuel-cell CR-V. In a video, Honda shows that the new model, which does have a charge port, will also be able to offer power-sharing for accessories and more. 

A survey of thousands of “future EV acceptors” point to traditional gas-station amenities like vacuums, car washes, and tire-pressure tools as essentials for EV charging stations. That’s definitely different than a range of recent templates for next-generation EV charging, which have instead emphasized lounge aspects


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