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The retailer has installed the first electric vehicle chargers across service stations opened on the A1 motorway.

In line with the decarbonization strategy of KMG International Group, Rompetrol has launched the first electric vehicle (EV) chargers at its service stations across the A1 motorway.

The rollout’s application for financing was originally submitted in November 2022 and involves the acquisition and installation of ultra-fast charging stations. Co-financed by the European Union (EU, the project aims to install 11 300 kW charging stations  and to upgrade the grid connection for all locations.

These facilities will be rolled out throughout Rompetrol’s integrated service centers opened on the A1 motorway.

“As a company focused on sustainable development, we recognize the major role of charging stations for electric vehicles in our decarbonization approach. The grid deployment of charging service for electric vehicles is an important step in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fighting climate change,” stated Alua Amirova, Strategy and Sustainable Development Director at KMG International.

The total estimated value of the project is about €2.2 million, of which about €900 thousand will be granted by the EU. The project period is 36 months, running from November 10, 2022 to November 9, 2025.

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